About Me

I am enthusiastic about working with you and supporting you along your journey of healing. All my life, people found it comfortable to talk to me, when I had no idea who they were. But, as I got older, I started counseling my family and friends without knowing that’s what I was doing. So, I recently started my private practice, The Art of Becoming, LLC, after graduating from Loyola with my Masters in Clinical Mental Health, I helped my friends long enough, it was time to start helping those I did not know. My passion comes from wanting to help individuals and marriages in anyway God allows. I hope for my clients to be able to walk in the freedom and liberty of who they were meant to be and to become.

I recently graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary with my MDiv degree. I am currently an ordained minister, and I serve in the capacity of an Associate Minister/Administrator at a local church in Washington, DC. I have been married for nine years, and we are still praying for God to bless us with children. I have and continue to go through a journey of discovery and recovery, so I am here to help you through your journey as well, let us begin!

More About My Practice

Imago is a theory used to help couples establish a connection as I help guide and facilitate a dialogue to help them connect and discover better ways to communicate. Couples and individuals seek help with their anxiety, avoidance issues, depression, grief, and relationship issues. Clients come in tensed but leave feeling clearer, lighter, and freer.

You may not have known how you or your relationship got here, but you hold the answer! Begin the process, demystifying that therapy doesn't work. Give yourself permission to journey with me as we re-discover who you are and who you are in your relationships as you recover mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am looking forward to your call or email.


  • "She is worth every moment of your time & money. Not only does she fulfill the mental health aspect required in counseling but she also brings the much needed spiritual component I believe is needed for any Christian or non-Christian working through mental and emotional issues. She truly is an answered prayer. If you haven’t already booked a session with her you’re missing out. What are you waiting on? Book now and experience the joy and care that is Jamice Holley’s Art of Becoming. Blessings to you on your journey to health and wholeness."
    Worth it
  • "Jamice Holley’s imago counseling has been the most transformative experience of my life. As a student in Seminary it’s recommended that we have some sort of therapy before we tackle the pressures of ministry. Even after ministry has started it’s important that people who desire to be pastors seek counseling as an act of self-care and maintenance of one’s mental health. So, Jamice’s counseling sessions were a God send. Prior to meeting Jamice I had never had a formal therapy session but with each imago session I learned more and more about myself, how to face and confront past traumas and healthy ways to communicate my emotions my emotions with myself and others. I’ve known her for a little over 3 years now, and with each year of counseling my mental health and spiritual health improved. I am better able to manage my emotions & process triggering situations."
    A God Send
  • "My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Jamice through imago therapy and I’m so glad we did!! As a mental health therapist, I’m pretty familiar with the process of therapy. I know that at times, it can take a couple sessions before you get to the “root” of the situation. Not with imago therapy! I was so impressed with Jamice’s skills as a therapist to get my husband and I to reveal our hearts to one another so quickly. My husband even commented that she asks specific questions to get “deeper” into what we’re really trying to say. I believe Jamice has helped my husband and I have more understanding of one another therefore we appreciate each other much more. Being married for almost 7 years, I felt we had gotten into the routine of life (work, kids, chores, repeat….). Imago therapy really helped us to connect on an emotional level that has significantly enhanced our marriage."
    ~ Loving Wife
  • "My husband is not a huge fan of traditional counseling, but he loves Imago Therapy. Imago has given us the ability to communicate such that we are able to "see" and "hear" each other's hearts, spirits and minds on a deeper level. It creates a safe space for us to be spiritually naked and share those parts of our souls that we've kept hidden from everyone, yes, even each other. Imago Therapy helped us learn that those hidden and most intimate and sensitive parts of ourselves are just as much a part of who we are as the parts we freely share. And in order to truly be one with and understand how to love each other, we have to dig deep and share ALL of what makes us who we are. Then, and only then, can we, and have my husband and I, been able to understand each other and grow with one another to a level beyond what either of us knew was possible. Thank you, Jamice, for introducing us to this amazing tool!"
    ~ He's A Believer
  • "As newlyweds, my husband and I recently learned of Imago therapy. Both of our first marriages ended in divorce and we decided we would be intentional about always being aware of the current state of our marriage. We were familiar with other forms of counseling but found so much value in Imago therapy and Mrs. Holley's approach in facilitating the sessions. Being married has it challenges but we intend to break the cycle of divorce. We believe Imago therapy helped and will continue to help us fine tune our relationship while uncovering and reconciling the truth about one another...in love."
    ~ Second Time Around